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At mmt2006.ru we believe in aligning ourselves with our client’s goals and providing the best possible relocation solutions for those specific goals. As your relocation partner, we know that you rely upon us to provide high-quality professional services.

We offer a variety of solutions for our corporate clients including: Whatever your needs are, mmt2006.ru will partner with you and utilize our many years of experience to help make your relocation program successful.

Relocation and Project Management Services

Your relocation project can be managed by mmt2006.ru. We provide a variety of relocation and ongoing support services for our customers including:
  • Complete relocation for an entire facility or a single workplace
  • Moves, adds, changes to existing work spaces
  • Project management for preplanning, oversight of project execution and completion
  • On-site field management of formally trained relocation crews
  • Single point of contact for coordination and scheduling of all services

Furniture Installation & Technology Services

mmt2006.ru provides a wide range of furniture installation and reconfiguration services. Our many services include:
  • Certified furniture installation for all major brands
  • Receiving, transporting and delivery of new furniture systems
  • Disconnect and reconnect of computers, peripherals and multi-function devices
  • Server and high value equipment relocation

Warehousing, Asset Management & Logistics

mmt2006.ru storage warehouse and distribution options provide unmatched security, safety and state of the art technology. Our solutions include:
  • Nationwide network of warehouses for flexible, convenient storage options
  • Web based warehouse management software
  • Distribution and asset reallocation


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