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mmt2006.ru Cares Coverage Basics

Our trained professionals, fully equipped trucks, and certified moving processes are focused on making sure your possessions arrive at your new location in the same condition as when they left your old place of business. Despite taking every precaution, sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

To give you peace of mind, mmt2006.ru offers two valuation options to protect your items: mmt2006.ru Cares Complete and mmt2006.ru Cares Standard. In the unlikely event that damage does occur, you will find that our claims process is amongst the fastest in the industry. When it comes to protecting your belongings we understand what delivering peace of mind means.

The mmt2006.ru Cares Coverage Plans

mmt2006.ru Cares Complete

mmt2006.ru Cares Complete

mmt2006.ru Cares Complete provides the most comprehensive option to protect your household goods. If an article is lost, destroyed, or damaged while in mmt2006.ru’s custody, we will either: repair the item, replace it with a similar item, or make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value.

How is coverage for mmt2006.ru Cares Complete determined?
According to government regulations, coverage for intra-state and interstate moves is determined by weight and is set at a minimum of $6.00 per pound. For local moves where mmt2006.ru is not weighing your possessions, we base the valuation on the policy value you select prior to your move commencing. At mmt2006.ru we have a minimum policy value on our mmt2006.ru Cares Complete of $15,000. The chart below lists pricing for 4 levels of deductibles. Simply look at the policy amount in the left hand column and choose what deductible you would like. For instance if you were interested in a higher deductible of $500, the cost for a $60,000 policy would be $300.00.

All items selected for mmt2006.ru Care Complete Coverage will need to be inventoried prior to being loaded at the Origin location. Only the items contained on the inventory form will be covered under this policy.

mmt2006.ru Cares Standard

mmt2006.ru Cares Standard

mmt2006.ru Cares Standard is provided to you at no additional charge—it’s included in the cost of your move. In the event that anything is lost or damaged, each article is covered for 60 cents per pound (local moves are subject to a maximum of $50 per article, whichever is less).

Give this option careful consideration: while mmt2006.ru Cares Standard is the most economical, it only provides minimal protection. For example, under the Standard option, if your $3,500, 55" TV that weighs 45 pounds is damaged during the move, you would be paid $27 (45lbs x $.60). We know every move is different so it is important for you to gauge how much it would cost to actually replace your TV, and just about everything else you're moving and then decide accordingly.

Policy Value mmt2006.ru Cares Coverages

Policy Value $0 Deductible $100 Deductible $250 Deductible $500 Deductible
$15,000 $157.50 $135.00 $105.00 $75.00
$20,000 $210.00 $180.00 $140.00 $100.00
$25,000 $262.50 $225.00 $175.00 $125.00
$30,000 $315.00 $270.00 $210.00 $150.00
$35,000 $367.50 $315.00 $245.00 $175.00
$40,000 $420.00 $360.00 $280.00 $200.00
$45,000 $472.50 $405.00 $315.00 $245.00
$50,000 $525.00 $450.00 $350.00 $250.00
$55,000 $577.50 $495.00 $385.00 $275.00
$60,000 $630.00 $540.00 $420.00 $300.00
$65,000 $682.50 $585.00 $455.00 $325.00
$70,000 $735.00 $630.00 $490.00 $350.00
$75,000 $787.50 $675.00 $525.00 $375.00
$80,000 $840.00 $720.00 $560.00 $400.00
$85,000 $892.50 $765.00 $595.00 $425.00
$90,000 $945.00 $810.00 $630.00 $450.00
$95,000 $997.50 $855.00 $665.00 $475.00
$100,000 $1050.00 $900.00 $700.00 $500.00

Frequently Asked Questions about mmt2006.ru Cares

What can affect my coverage?
Note that your actions can limit mmt2006.ru’s liability. These include:
  • Packing perishable, dangerous, or hazardous materials in your household goods without mmt2006.ru’s knowledge. Materials might include nail polish remover, various oils, paint and more. mmt2006.ru has packing instructions of what you can and cannot pack- follow those guidelines and you’ll be ok.
  • Packing your own boxes can save you a lot of money. But this also limits your mover’s liability.
  • Choosing Standard coverage when your household goods are valued at more than 60 cents per pound, per article.
  • Failing to notify your mover in writing about articles of extraordinary value (china, crystal, silver, antiques, arts, electronics, and more)
  • mmt2006.ru does not move jewelry, cash, coins, or currency and cannot take responsibility for their loss.
Will mmt2006.ru Cares cover my things while they are in storage?
Both mmt2006.ru Cares options will cover you in and out of storage. If you elect the mmt2006.ru Cares Complete option, your account will be billed an additional 10% of your monthly storage costs. This continues your coverage wile your property is in storage with mmt2006.ru and is a requirement while in storage.

Is mmt2006.ru Cares coverage the same as insurance?
No. Valuation coverage is not the same as insurance. mmt2006.ru recommends that you consult your homeowner’s insurance policy to understand the value of your household goods.


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