Step-By-Step Storage Procedure

In our commitment to our customers, we offer a more efficient, customer-first storage process.

Containers Loaded

STEP 1: Containers Loaded

Your empty storage containers are loaded onto mmt2006.ru customized vault trucks.
Arrive Onsite

STEP 2: Arrive Onsite

Storage vaults arrive onsite at your home or business on moving day.

STEP 3: Inventory

All of your items are inventoried before being loaded into the storage vault.
Furniture Protection

STEP 4: Furniture Protection

All furniture items are padded with thick moving blankets and sofas are shrink wrapped for extra protection.
Vaults Loaded

STEP 5: Vaults Loaded

Your household belongings are loaded into storage vaults by our certified moving staff and taken to our climate controlled facility, which is monitored 24 hours a day.

STEP 6: Storage

Your sealed storage vault(s) is unloaded and stacked in place at our climate controlled warehouse. All vaults are entered into our Strict Inventory Control System (SICS).
Furniture Protection

STEP 7: Large Articles

Couches and oversized items are shrink-wrapped for added protection and placed on our racking system.
Vaults Loaded

STEP 8: Access

Should you need access to your vault, simply contact our office 72 hours prior and we would be happy to assist you. Access is easy and security is high thanks to the inventory control system in place.

STEP 9: Delivery

When you are ready to take your belongings out storage, simply notify our office to schedule your delivery date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Storage Services

Can you tell me more about the storage vault?
Each storage vault is made of wood, measuring 7 x 7 x 5 feet. These vaults are delivered to your door for loading and brought back to our secure facility for storage.

What if I have items that don’t fit in the vault?
Not a problem. We use our professional grade furniture pads and shrink wrap to protect your pieces. Your items are then entered into our Strict Inventory Control System (SICS) and placed on storage racks within the facility.

How many vaults will I need?
The number of vaults needed is determined by our certified moving consultants. Our team will take an accurate inventory of your items to be stored and recommend the number of storage vaults, the number of movers to help load it, and the amount of time needed to complete the job.

How are my items inventoried?
As they are loaded, all storage items are entered into our Strict Inventory Control System (SICS). This ensures that all items are accounted for and will be easily accessible when you need them.
Will I have access to my stored items?
Yes, simply visit our storage facility to get access to what you need. We request 72 hours notice in order to allow our warehouse manager to retrieve your vault, unseal it, and have it open for you to view.

How secure is your storage facility?
mmt2006.ru’ climate controlled storage facility is monitored 24/7 via closed circuit television, and equipped with an excellent sprinkler system in case of emergencies.

Can I visit the facility before deciding where to store my belongings?
Yes, we welcome visitors to tour the facility and see our organization and storage process first hand.


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